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Why does your business need managed extended detect and respond?

A business’s reliance on connected technology has been increasing exponentially. If this ecosystem is compromised, business operations will often come to a halt. If a machine is compromised, we respond before it can spread and then lead the remediation process.

Open-source tools and marketplaces on the dark web have given, even elementary, bad actors access to sophisticated attack platforms. Threats are evolving and rapidly accelerating; let Security Farm keep pace so that you don't have to.

At the end of the day a business must accept the reality that one of their own could be working against them the damage the company or steal intellectual property.

Having a clear boundary between the administration and defense of your enterprise IT provides a separation of duties; accountability that works both ways.

It is not financially feasible for most businesses to build out a proper security operations center (SOC) and hire a diverse enough team of specialists to handle it.

Let a purpose-built cybersecurity company focus on providing the talent and innovation needed to stay ahead of threats.

Security Farm was founded as a Public Benefit Corporation. What this means is that our number-one priority, above all else, is providing the best possible cybersecurity for our customers.

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The Security Farm Advantage

Large companies offering MXDR do not have the agility to keep up with this level of technology; leadership must have a specialized technical background in security engineering to build a service model that delivers results.


By synchronizing our business model with the latest technologies, automation, machine learning and AI, Security Farm is able to provide enterprise-class protection at small-business prices.


Corporate bureaucracy leads to dated policy, procedure and strategy that is not built to handle the pace of rapidly evolving technologies. Our employees are the shareholders; business decisions and direction are dictated by experts on the frontline of cyber defense.

What is MXDR?


It is not financially feasible for most small and mid-market businesses to hire a team capable of delivering XDR. Security engineers and data scientists build, maintain and improve the platform while specialized analysts focus on investigations, hunt, and threat intelligence.


MXDR is an extension of MDR. It removes the boundaries of traditional endpoint monitoring and spans across hybrid environments to include other security tools/appliances, cloud infrastructure, and third-party services.


Modern threats cannot be identified by looking at things in isolation. Holistic analysis through machine learning and AI, paired with the latest threat intelligence feeds, is necessary to detect the adversary.


If a threat is detected, MXDR and SOAR will actively respond to contain the blast radius while our 24/7 Security Operations Center begins the investigation and remediation, coordinating with your team to eliminate any trace of the adversary.


More Cyber Attacks In The Last Year


Attacks Target Small Businesses


Increase in Ransomware Attacks YTD


Average Time to Identify a Breach

How It Works:

1. Purchase Endpoint Licenses

Go to the "Contact Us" page and a member will reach out to answer your questions and determine how many endpoint licenses are needed. We can walk you through the deployment process in detail based on your environment.
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2. Install the agent

A member of our team will provision the number of endpoint licenses that you purchased and reach out to you once completed. We will provide instructions on how to deploy the agent to your environment.

3. Enjoy Enterprise-Class Protection

Your systems are now protected and armed with state-of-the-art defensive capabilities alongside a dedicated Security Operations Center monitoring and analyzing any potential threats that your network may encounter.

Key Takeaways

Security Farm is very passionate about our service and our customers; please reach out to us with any questions that you may have.

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  • Boundaryless Protection